Clean and Collect - Making your Airbnb guests feel at home

Real estate has faced a downturn in Australia, particularly Perth and Queensland as a result of the decline in resource sector and over supply of apartments in Brisbane CBD. This has seen rental prices, particularly for apartments decrease and higher vacancy rates, particularly in Perth.

While some property owners may be considering dropping their prices to avoid vacancy rates, others are cashing in on the lucrative short term renting options through Airbnb, which has disrupted hotel accommodation and is about to disrupt the short term property market, yielding short term accommodation a higher rate than traditional periodic or fixed term leases.  Investors are also covered by Airbnb’s insurance and can screen their tenants by reviewing profiles and reviews.  Airbnb also allows investors to build international relations for their own travels abroad.

When my property suddenly became vacant – I thought I would test the market trend for short term accommodation on Airbnb and was surprised to receive a number of enquiries, within minutes of listing it.  

I saw Airbnb as an untapped opportunity, however living in Canberra, I had no way of managing the interstate property myself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could engage a business to do it for me? However, after extensive research, I could find no company that offered such a service.

Maybe others were in my position and - not everyone wants to manage their own property on Airbnb. So I started Clean and Collect - an innovative, Australia wide business, that manages your Airbnb listing for you for a monthly subscription fee or one off rate, allowing you to earn a higher rate on your property and saving you management fees.

Clean and Collect offers property owners an option other than traditional property management. If you live interstate or simply want someone to manage your Airbnb listing, Clean and Collect will arrange cleaning of your apartment, key collection – welcoming your guests and collecting your keys when they leave.  Clean and Collect hosts can also arrange recommendations of local attractions and where to eat in the area.

Clean and Collect is an Australia wide service and the first business to offer this service for Airbnb listings in Australia.  To list your property or find out more about the services offered and pricing, contact Belinda Coniglio – or 0450903610.